V+Y design is a freelance graphic design and photography company that started with the simple idea of spreading creativity around.

Formed in April of 2010 by Vania and Yam, V+Y Design is currently based in both Chicago and Atlanta.

Vania had been taking art classes for as long as she can remember, but didn’t develop an interest in design until she majored in architecture. Each architectural design project required the creation of a visual presentation display outlining thought processes and ideas that led up to the final product – combining her appreciation for all things logical and orderly, as well as her love for expression of humanity through art. She is a recent graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in International Affairs and does photography, creating art, and designing print material on the side. In her free time, she enjoys traveling around the world, doing crossword puzzles, and baking.

Yam first found his interest in design through his enjoyment of drawing and wanted to be able to bring ideas to life visually, rather than through spoken or written words. He is currently working for McGraw-Hill Publishing in Chicago, designing and creating digital / print advertisements, as well as designing and coding product-specific websites. In addition to being the web-savvy half of the duo, he also has a background in Adobe products and 3Ds max. In his free time, he enjoys staying up to date with design products and news, playing frisbee, free-hand drawing, and reading zombie books.